Thai Central Digital Currency (THCBDC)
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About CTH Price Dynamics
Announcement :China (excluding Taiwan), trading on "ttmkk" on April 27, 2019, the transaction is divided into:

  • Online transaction (guarantee/non-guarantee)
  • Online purchase
  • Apply for a credit card online
  • Apply for an honor card and other special visas online
  • For other countries, please visit NEXTAGG

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    CTH Introduction

    Thai Central Digital Currency (THCBDC/CTH)
    Government:Ministry of Social and Digital Economy of Thailand
    Issuer:Thai International Bank/Central bank of thailand/Thailand Digital Economy Group
    Danger: There is a risk of buying fake/destructive currencies, privately trading and immediately destroying CTH. -MIT
    THCBDC/CTH It is issued by the Ministry of Social and Social Sciences of Thailand, the International Bank of Thailand, and the Central Bank of Thailand. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is responsible for technical support and the Thai Digital Economy Group is responsible for its operations.


    Wealth and risk are parallel. Welcome everyone to pay attention to THCBDC. I thank you on behalf of CTH.
    CTH Global Operations Center.

    Address: Tambon Bueng Niam, Amphoe Mueang Khon Kaen, Chang Wat Khon Kaen

    Fax: +66-43-2077888